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What good is Spain? The fact that it has the best climate in Europe, where the day is rare when the sun does not shine, filling the atmosphere with energy, light and warmth




One of the most amazing countries. It has an unimaginable number of attractions and cultural traditions. It is famous for its opera, fashion, cars and, of course, cuisine.


Germany - is a country of a romantic people..

Who loves sausages, beer, cars and is famous for his achievements in the field of culture, science and medicine. But of course, do not forget about the many sights and monuments of history. Germany is famous for its large number of museums, palaces, cathedrals and churches.

Austria (the official name of the Republic of Austria) is a country in the heart of Europe.

In any city in Austria you can find many interesting things. For example, in Innsbruck there are the world famous Fürstenburg Castle and the Hofburg Imperial Palace, and the Haydn House Museum in Eisenstadt.

Switzerland can hardly be called a resort for a certain category of people.

People of different ages come here, with different goals and principles for organizing recreation. Someone is spending a vacation on the beach. Someone conquers mountain peaks. There are those who simply get acquainted with the sights.

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