The very first and main stage before the trip is getting an international passport.

To obtain a passport with you it is necessary to have:

1) Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
2) Application for the receipt of the passport in duplicate.
3) Certificates of birth of children under the age of 14, their copies, as well as inserts that attest to the citizenship of the Russian Federation, issued to the birth certificate and their copies (in cases where the applicant requests them to issue passports or to enter information about them in your passport).
4) Paid receipt for payment of state duty.
5) Photos - 2 pcs. (black and white or color in the size of 3.5x4.5 cm with a clear image of the face strictly in full face on matte paper, photographs in uniform are not accepted), as well as separately for children who reached the age of 6 (in cases where the applicant requests them to be issued passport or enter information about them in your passport).
6) The command authorization issued in the manner established by the Government of the Russian Federation (only for servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as federal executive bodies, in which military service is provided, with the exception of conscripted conscripts).
7) Previously issued foreign passport, if it has not expired (it is canceled when issuing a new passport).

Depending on the age of the recipient of the passport, additional sets of documents may be required.

The next stage is getting international medical insurance

Under the new laws of the Russian Federation, every Russian citizen who leaves the country is obliged to have compulsory international medical insurance of his health. For what it is necessary to obtain international medical insurance:

1) Full range of medical services
Inpatient treatment and urgent hospitalization, outpatient care, primary diagnosis and full examination, pregnancy and childbirth, dentistry and vision correction.
2) Coverage of serious diseases
Covering the costs of expensive treatment of complex diseases (oncology, diabetes, AIDS, psychiatry), which usually does not cover the Russian VHI.
3) Treatment in any clinic of the world
The policy of international medical insurance covers the costs of treatment in any clinic in the world. Wherever you are, first-class help is guaranteed.
4) High level of coating
International insurance plans provide high limits of insurance payments. The coverage level is $ 1-2.5 million.

The third important step is to obtain a visa

Each country has its own nuances for obtaining a visa. Therefore, for more detailed and complete information on the procedure for obtaining and cost of a visa, you need to contact our managers

1) Passport, the validity of which ends at least 3 months before the proposed date of travel with the presence of a place for a stamp;
2) Consular application form. The application form filled in the Russian, English or the language of the consulate. The requirements for the questionnaire at the embassies of different countries are different, therefore it is necessary to contact our managers.
3) Consular fee. (Receipt for payment of the cost of a visa). The fee is paid in Russian rubles at the current exchange rate.
4) Foto. The number of pictures may vary depending on the consulate, but the rules for their design are almost the same for all.
5) Documents confirming the solvency (an extract from the bank, a certificate of employment, an application and relevant documents from the employer, etc.).
6) Confirmation of the purpose of the trip (invitation from the employer, hotel reservation, air tickets for tourists, a document from the university on enrollment, etc.).

If the applicant is a pensioner, he additionally provides a copy of the pension certificate if the student is a student card.


In Europe there are very few countries, for crossing the borders of which Schengen is not required. For example, in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Britain, Romania, Ireland, it is necessary to issue national visas. However, certain difficulties can arise only when you issue a permit to enter the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. In other countries to issue a national visa is even easier than the Schengen.



Are issued individually, since the requirements for obtaining these visas have the property of changing very often. For more information about this, please, come to our office or contact our managers.